January 01, 2019


At some point I am hoping to be doing sponsored posts and working with brands, if I am lucky enough. When that time comes posts that are sponsored or that I am paid to do will have a disclaimer on them to let readers know that I have been paid to mention the brand or the product.

Know that my blog will only ever make honest reviews to depict the products in their true light, unfortunately that may lead to bad reviews but hopefully not that many bad reviews. Also know that all reviews only really apply to me, you may have a different experience as me, so keep that in mind.

If you would like to get in contact with me to work together, or asking for me to review a product, you can contact me at: terry@terrysthoughtbubble.co.uk

Extra info: If wanted I could do a youtube video or an instagram post, but the fee's may be different to a post on this site. Can be further discussed in correspondence.

- Terry xx

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