Colourpop x Animal Crossing review

Like many others, during lockdown 1 i took to a new horizon to escape all the madness. So, you can imagine the excitement I felt when I found out Animal Crossing and Colourpop were going to collaborate on a set of palettes, lip tints, glitters and blushes. 

Being a fan of both Animal Crossing and Colourpop, I just had to get my hands on some items. And so, I did.

This was the second time I have gotten a makeup release on release day and I was incredibly fortunate to get my hands on some of the products.

I had had my eye on the palettes and lip tints and ended up getting the pink and purple palettes as well as the more deep nude tints.

First impressions

Love, love, love. I was in love with the products. the eyeshadows were incredibly soft and swatched like a dream filled with pigment. I had a Colourpop palette before, but these minis were the perfect size for travel makeup as well as looking cute as a button.

The lip tints were nice. I had bought them with only one of the shades in mind, which was the only one I swatched because I knew I was going to sell the other shade.

Eyeshadows – after some use

Labelle of The Ball

I could talk about this palette forever. From the cute little box it came in, to the gorgeous shades inside, this has become one of my go to palettes. Like all the palettes in this collection it has 4 shades, one glitter, one shimmer, one metallic and a matte. I use the matte and metallic a lot because the metallic shade is a duo chrome blue and purple shift which has always been one of my favourites. 

I think it says a lot about my love for this item as it is the only one that has not been featured on my Depop. That might just be because I love the colour purple.

5 Star Island

This palette features fan favourite character Isabelle, who gives cute little morning announcements when you enter Animal Crossing New Horizons. I personally loved this packaging because it was so cute and starred one of my favourite key characters. 

On first seeing the products I was incredibly excited because they were so cute. I was especially obsessed with looking at my 5 Star Island palette (pink) however. After swatching I was not too impressed with it and listed it on my Depop so someone who would love it could have it. I used it once and sprayed it down with rubbing alcohol because I knew it wasn’t for me.

Colour wise I liked the idea of it, pinks and golds have always had a special place in my heart but the formula of the darkest pink looked a bit chalky against my skin. Which was a shame, again, because it was the darkest shade in the mini palette.

Lip tint – after some use


I kept the shade coconut juice yet I am always surprised by the scent of coconut when I use it. I keep my lip tint in my bag for days where lipstick or gloss wont do. I love the shade, which is a red/brown because it looks incredibly subtle on my skin. Which is perfect for no-makeup makeup days.


Final thoughts


All in all I liked the collection but loved individual aspects of it. I am glad I didn’t get shop happy when the collection came out because it wasn’t the cheapest thing and I am sure I would have sold on quite a bit of it. But the items I do still have are satisfactory to me.

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