What lockdown has meant for me

December 22, 2020
Spoiler, it has had its ups and downs.

For many lockdown has only been since March 23, for me it started a few weeks before. I had had some time off uni - it wasn't really time off but we didn't have lectures - so I went home to see my family. During that time I had already started looking forward to getting back to uni and seeing all my friends and just having the space to be myself that I don't get at my parents. Unfortunately, those dreams were dashed as the number of UK coronavirus cases started to shoot up and the Cheltenham races had occurred, so my flatmates were wary of me returning to the town.

Some background, I had pneumonia in December. which put me on the high-risk category of people as I still get some pain in my chest from the remaining fluid stuck there from the infection. The first 6 months after getting rid of it are the ones where you're most likely to get it again. And as we all know, pneumonia is a big symptom of COVID-19.

So for that reason, my friends didn't want me to risk heading back to Cheltenham were many people I know had been at the races, either to attend or to work. I ended up missing a week of lectures before lockdown was officially announced with an order that police could fine you for leaving your house for non-essential reasons, which meant I had already spent 4 weeks not leaving my house, essentially already in lockdown.

The following weeks were spent trying to adjust to having online lectures, helping my brothers with their schoolwork, cooking for them when my dad was under the weather - we can't say it was corona because we don't know  - and then cleaning too.

My mum is a nurse so this whole pandemic has been hard for her as an essential worker. She doesn't see us often even though we are all in the same house, as she gets home from her night shift, says her hellos and then goes to her room to sleep and isolate from us just in case. She only really comes out to see us and be around us on the weekends when she doesn't work. Seeing her so stressed has left me wishing this whole pandemic was over.

She is a very caring woman, even before the pandemic she was very into instilling the view that we shouldn't take what we have for granted and that we should always give to those who need money, food, clothes etc. Instead of wasting money on things for ourselves. And I commend her for this but as a teen who very much subscribes to the capitalist agenda (I would love for this not to be the case but I love shopping), I've found myself butting heads with her since lockdown was announced.

My dad and I have gained a mutual interest in gardening. I have planted so many seeds in the garden and we had a little cat problem on the growing patch and my dad helped me build a fence around my plants. We also spent a few days painting the fence together and I think that was the most time since i was really little that i had spent quality time like that with him.

So all in all, my lockdown experience has been one of frustration and revelation.

(This was written in May 2020. It has sat in my drafts for months and yes we have had many other lockdowns since but by now that's life.)

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