Nike Barely Grape shoe review

May 05, 2020

In these lockdown quarantine times, I've taken to online shopping more. Or at least window shopping with the occasional purchase.

I was scrolling insta one day when I saw a custom shoe page I follow posted that the Barely Grape Nikes were back on sale. the last time they were on sale I missed them and I had no hope they would be back. So when I saw they were I ordered them as quickly as I could (with my student discount obviously).

I was initially drawn to this shoe for its colour and how cute the name was. Like who wouldn't want the softest of all soft purples accenting their shoes? Maybe it's just me and my affinity towards cute things but this was a must-have.

Fast forward two weeks and I have them in my possession. I've been keeping them displayed on my bookshelf because they are that beautiful to me. They came a week early as I was expecting them on May 4.

The shoe is a classic white Air Force 1 but it has a lovely lilac sole and swoosh. under the swoosh and on the main accents the shoe has a pearlescent effect with this sort of swirling lava look to it.

The tongue of the shoe is a soft cloth, like fleece, unlike the usual Nike tongue which is a pretty solid material. Wearing the shoe so far has been a pleasant experience. It's incredibly comfortable, as you would expect from an £80 shoe. Granted I have only worn it traversing from my room to the kitchen and back. But I am sure I will go on many adventures with this shoe.

My previous experience with Nikes is still AF1 but I had a pair with a jelly blue sole and because of that shoe, I am afraid to take my new ones out. The day I got my last pair I was still at sixth form and I had been walking through the school and had accidentally stepped on pasta covered in tomato that someone had dropped on the floor and left. From that day my shoe had a yellow stain. I was devastated and knowing my luck I will do the same when I first go out into public with my new shoes.

This was my previous AF1 pre-life

So that has been that. I am taking steps to do what I want when I know it makes me happy, this was the first step and I say you do the same, do what makes you happy.

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