My favourite eyeliner

May 01, 2020

Since 13 I have been a makeup lover but one product has always had a special place in my heart. Eyeliner.

For me, eyeliner was the most accessible product and it was easy to practice with when you had had no experience with makeup. My mum swore off it years before I was at an age where it was good to play with it in her eyes.

My first eyeliner was a cheap black pencil, so no dramatic wings and I think if you saw the state of my liner skills back then you would laugh. I wish I had pictures but I was a fast learner. between a stack of baby wipes and youtube tutorials, I learned to get close to the lashline and eventually attempt a wing.

I still use pencils - I have a collection of hella pigmented Barry M ones as well as a classic black and white -  and with my skills now I can easily wing (the key is a sharp pencil) with one but I have grown to love. to adore liquid liners.

My first liquid liner was a collection bottle and I loved it, I was messy to start with but who isn't?
I found it hard to use bottled liquid liners like that because I was so used to the pencil feel and the switch was like trying to go from writing with a normal-sized pencil to one of those novelty mini pencils that were the thickness of a toothpick. Because of this inconvenience to me, I started using liquid liners that are more pen-like.

My first liquid liner "pen" was the Maybelline Master Precise Liner and OH MY GOD was it an upgrade. from the day I picked it up in Superdrug on a whim I have never looked back, liquid liner wise. the day it ran out I genuinely wept before I ran to the store to buy another.

I must admit I haven't used that specific liner in a while but that's because my eyes were opened to the NYX Epic Ink Liner. This liner is my favourite, the liner I reach for every day. I love that, unlike other liquid liners I've used it isn't a felt tip. its a brush tip and for some reason, I feel like this makes it easier to use.
I love that this liner never gets patchy - I have never had to go over applied liner with this - and although I am sad to say I have had to let go of my liner the reason is not that it's run out. Oh no no no, this liner will seemingly not run out, the problem is that it's old and leaking. I had a terrible incident drawing my liner and it well leaking into my open eye. graphic I'm sorry but its something I admire about this liner.

I love eyeliner in general but I love the NYX Epic Ink Liner the most because when I do wings with it I never miss. NOT SPON, just love the liner.

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