Carbon Theory - Is it worth the hype?

May 18, 2020

If you frequent skincare Instagram, it's very likely you've seen a sponsored post like this every now and then. A post by Carbon Theory, promoting their cleansing bar. It's been on my list of skincare products to try having seen some of the glowing reviews it gets. And finally, I have come across it in my local boots, so I thought it was time to put it to the test.

The bar claims to help with breakout control and cleansing the skin by drawing out "deep down bacteria, toxins, and excess oils". I personally use Neutrogena and Nip + Fab which have served me well for years, but if the cleansing bar is as good as the reviews show it to be, could this be a new era in my skincare routine?

Fast forward 6 months. I've been using this bar regularly and I have some thoughts for you.

the first month of having the soap I used it twice every day to see how my skin would react. At first, my skin felt rejuvenated and fresh but after a few weeks, I needed to adjust my skincare routine because the soap was so clearing it left my skin feeling dryer than usual. I have combination skin where my t zone is really oily but my cheeks and chin are really dry and can tend to have visible dry patches.

The soap itself doesn't really have a scent which is good, fragrance-free is the best for something that deals with face skin. When using the soap I found that it was quite gritty and almost exfoliating. I prefer chemical exfoliants but I didn't mind the mild exfoliation I got from the cleansing bar. It just cut out a step in my skincare routine.

I ended up reducing my use of the bar from twice every day to a few times a week when my skin really needed it or when I could feel a breakout about to happen. I benefitted greatly from the switch.

Would I recommend this product?

YES! With some personal adjustments, the Carbon Theory cleansing bar really worked wonders on my skin and if you find yourself breaking out often I would suggest trying this cleanser.

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