10 things I want to do before 20 revisited

July 06, 2020

Almost a year ago I uploaded a "before I turn 20" bucket list. Today I 20 and I have not completed it given that have spent what feels like years in lockdown. So in this post, there is a breakdown of what I have and haven't done from that list.

1. Go on a friends holiday.

I was supposed to go to Milan in February but due to Miss Rona, Italy was in lockdown. And England followed protocol and I don’t think any sort of group holiday will happen anytime soon. This is benched until my 21st birthday.

2. Travel across the UK to visit my mates at their unis. 

This I did! I went to wales a few times to see a friend. We have since fallen out so that is the extent of my travelling. I also went back and forth between my hometown and uni to see my mates who don’t go to uni. 

3. Go to a festival. 

The recent coronavirus outbreak has ended all festivals so this will not be happening.

4. Dye my hair. 

After my brief stint in hospital, I took a ‘screw it’ mentality to things I hadn’t done, and I ended up dying my hair. Just the fringe bits to look like an e-girl, but I did it and I’d never been happier. Then again days before my birthday, I decided to go blonde.

5. Do pottery. 

Like most of my plans, this has been postponed. I am going to join a pottery class the second I can and I will simply make a bowl. 

6. Buy a luxury item. 

I have fallen prey to buying perfumes off luxury brands. My day to day scent is Paco Rabanne Olympea. I’ve been buying 50ml bottles of the stuff for years but in recent times I’ve branched out and tried Chanel no5 for special occasions. I remember stating in my original list post I wanted Lous but I have realised they are way out of my budget and I would never wear them.

7. Start a magazine. 

I have actually done this. Granted it’s not one in print or one that’s been released, but I started a zine and I fell in love with the design and hopefully one day I will make it real. 
We had to do a module making a newspaper or magazine and I learned how to make my imagined designs real, and I’m not going to lie, I did amazing grade-wise.

8. Find love. 

I can say with certainty I have done this. I have not found love with another human in the way freshly 19-year-old me had hoped but in this year, I have learnt to love myself and, in that regard, I have found love. I also have been reassured my friends love me and that feels a whole lot better than some boy saying he loves me.

9. Go to a concert. 

I had planned to save and get tickets to see BTS when they came in July – they were due to perform a few days before my 20th – but with the current circumstances that will not be happening. I still have money put aside for when new dates are released because I have promised myself to see them live before they have to enlist in Korea.

10. Learn a new language. 

I started learning Italian and continuing with Korean and I have got a good grip on hangul now. I am still far off from being fluent but it’s something.

Because of the way this year has gone I will be reusing the goals I haven't hit to a before my 21st birthday list as well as adding new goals that match the changes in my life.  

Thank you for reading, 
Terry x

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