What crystals do I travel with? My on the go crystal collection

March 20, 2020

After walking into a crystal store with my friend I got hooked on buying them. At first it was purely for that enlightened witchy aesthetic – which I know is bad, but eh, I think they're cool. I got a couple the first time through a crystal mystery bag the store did for £4 and picking out some I thought were pretty like opalite and rainbow moonstone – which isn't the same as moonstone I realised but it is what is advertised online when you go to buy moonstone jewellery. Me and my friend then spent a few hours trying to figure out what exactly I had gotten, so I decided I would go back the next day to find out exactly what I had for reference.  

The next day I went in and whilst I was waiting for the till to be free for me to go and ask, I started browsing and I picked up a few more stones and another bag. I finally got my other stones named and then went on to purchase the new ones. This cycle continued for a few weeks until my budget couldn’t handle me buying 5 crystals a day. At the time I was working so it wasn’t too bad, but I knew I would be ending my time at the job soon and needed to kick the habit. 

Now, I am 4 months ‘sober’ of buying crystals and also more educated on them and their properties, to the point where I carry around 11 stones with me for their energies. I keep them in a red velvet pouch and when I leave the house, I make sure I have them in my pocket or my bag. Although I carry some of them around purely to look at because they are pretty. 

This one I carry around because it looks like a diamond. It’s a very clear crystal but from some angles you can see a little spectrum of colour and I think you’re going to find that is a theme through my crystals.  
Doing some research, I've found that it is good for cultivating positivity and is said to help with stress relief and clarity. It’s also said to vibrate with the energy of love, bringing angelic energy to your life. 

This was one of the first ones I got because I loved how bright it was and how you can see little streaks of rainbow on the faults inside the stone. I possess a few bits of Citrine in varying sizes, but I always carry around the first one I bought. 
It’s said to bring happiness, positivity and abundance being a stone that should encourage wealth into your life. And I was not surprised about the first two aspects as it is a sunshine gold coloured stone, and the sun usually lifts spirits. This stone is said not to store any negativity and it’s said to infuse your soul with happiness whilst opening up new opportunities around you. 

Rainbow moonstone 
I bought some rainbow moonstone on my first trip to the store, but I also bought some normal moonstone because I read somewhere a long time ago that they were good for people who are in the Cancer sign to possess. I spent a lot of time picking it out as not many had that rainbow quality I wanted. They were mostly just white with the idea of showing a spectrum. The one I did end up purchasing has a nice shifting corner. 
I wasn’t surprised to find that this stone is meant to be a calming stone, as I had spent many minutes just sat playing with it to see the colours shift which in itself is a very calming activity. It’s also said to promote new beginnings and radiate a cleansing energy.  

Again, this was one of the first stones I got, as it was another one I had seen a lot on Esty for cute jewellery pieces and I thought it would be a nice stone to look at and play with. 
This one is a man-made stone, but it is said to harbour healing properties and assist in transition periods as well as stabilising mood swings. Personally, I think it looks pretty and that’s all. 

I had never heard of this crystal before but the store I go to sells them in towers and I spent a lot of time playing around with them in store as they reminded me of Kryptonite in the way they reflected light. I ended up buying a small tower for £5 and then going back in store to  
Selenite is said to brighten energy, cleanse and purify. Apparently aligning you with your highest potential – which I'm inclined to believe, as since I got it, I got an internship at a magazine that is wonderful. 

Not all that glitters is gold is what smashmouth taught me, but it can be sunstone I've learnt. I was drawn to the stone because of how it glitters with what seems like flecks of something metallic embedded in it. Again, it was one of my first stones, I believe it was the most expensive one I got at first as I wanted to get stone that was a good size which made it more expensive. 
This is said to be a stone that promotes creativity by encouraging confidence, power and leadership. 

Rose quartz 
I already had some rose quartz on a pendant because I thought it looked cool. I went on to buy a hand sized rough rock of the stuff and in the many many mystery bags I ended up with an abundance of it. I like this classic pink stone so I'm not too mad about it and it means I can swap out the size of the rose quartz I carry around with me. 
Unsurprisingly rose quartz is said to be a crystal of love and happiness. Is said to help enhance all kinds of love. Like self-love, loving others and loving all living things. 

In the store I fell in love with the blue shade of this stone. I purely like it for its aesthetic purposes. The stone I have is absolutely tiny, but it serves its purpose, to look good amongst my other stones. 
Other than being a cool shade of blue, this stone is also said to encourage balance in life and reduce stress. Because of its colour it’s said to resonate with the calming energy of the sea and promote connections with natural energies around you. 

Blue lace agate 
Similarly to the aquamarine, this stone was too cute for me to pass by. I love how it has stripes and it's probably my favourite type of laced agate. I don’t particularly like looking at crazy lace agate because it brings me anxiety for some reason.  
This stone is said to help you get into a calmer state of mind and help you feel more relaxed. 

In the store they had these beautiful big pebbles of labradorite for £6 per chunk and I ended up spending ages looking through the smaller tumbled bits to find one with as much of a shift as the bigger bits and I settled for a bit with a beautiful corner, much like my rainbow moonstone. In the future I would like to get a big pebble but maybe not right now. 
Labradorite has a mystical energy which is said to spark curiosity in you. 

Purple fluorite 
I must admit this was a mystery bag stone. There was some confusion between me and my friend thinking it was amethyst for some time, due to its vibrant purple colouring, before I sat down and really examined it noticing a section that was green and determining it to be purple fluorite. This was confirmed the next time I went to the shop and made an effort to go through the purple fluorite to see if it matched and it did. 
This is a good stone for cleansing and purifying your energies. The purple variety specifically is said to help you find your divine purpose in life. 

Lapis lazuli 
I got this one for the meme. As a retired minecrafter I thought it would be good to get the rock as it is a good rock to have in the game, for colouring carpets. I also managed to get it when my local store was having a sale on blue rocks which was good as it made the rock that would normally be £6, £3. The one I picked up was of a good size for its price range and has some gold flecks in it which make it very appealing to look at when I go through my rocks. 
A stone of wisdom and awareness. This one is said to help you find the answers you’ve been seeking within yourself. 

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