My dream shopping trip

August 19, 2019

Ever since I was little my mum has always told me of how I would throw tantrums when she didn't let me go into the Disney store or Claires when we were out shopping. Proving to me that shopaholic has been in my nature since birth. Giving in to that I have decided to compile my dream shopping trip. A list of all the shops I would go to if a millionaire gave me their debit card for a couple of days.

Muji - This is a nifty little store that sells everything from furniture to clothes to stationery. It's Japanese and filled with neutral, aesthetic and oh so very practical. I've been dying to get my hands on a set of their gel pens as I've heard amazing things about them and I think they will look amazing in one of the clear plastic cases Muji sells. I know there is a physical store in London and I would love to explore it, as from what I've seen it's very Ikea like in products.
Muji gel pens

Bershka - I had not been aware of this brand before starting uni and seeing them go to one and seeing the cute clothes they had on sale. I like the look of their collaboration work as it is often with intellectual properties I've loved since I was a child. I would love to visit one of the few in England soon.
join life collaboration

Urban outfitters - I have been in urban outfitters many a time, but I have never spent a penny in one as the prices were outside of my budget. The amount of times I have picked out clothes and had to put them back is a lot and on my dream shopping trip, I would buy one of EVERYTHING. As the store not only does clothes, they sell plants, books, records and an assortment of trendy accessories and shoes, and like Veronica Salt 'I want it all'.
urban outfitters navy floral tea dress
Lazy Oaf - This brand was introduced to me by Arden Rose of youtube fame and ever since I have been keeping up with releases and OH MY GOD am I in love. Their website is very inclusive and has clothes for everyone, no matter what your personal style is or figure is, they have something for you to wear. I know they have a physical store in London which I would love to visit one day.
lazy oaf

Uniqlo - I have only wondered past a Uniqlo once in my life, but since I have browsed the website and I would like to visit one. I like that they do very minimalist like clothing, the kind of outfits you'd see a character in a K-drama wearing.  And recently I've seen them do anime collaborations and collaborations with Kaws.
Andy Warhol x Uniqlo 

Birmingham HMV - I want to go to this HMV specifically for its wide range of K-pop. I've got a friend who lives in Birmingham and she is always showing me pictures of this beautiful display of an assortment of albums. From Skool Luv affair to Persona, from BTS to Red Velvet, they have it all. Just a walk around the store I feel like I could happily go home with 10 or so albums from a range of artists, unlike in my local store I can only get the latest BTS albums.

Anti Social Social Club - I'm no hype-beast, but I love me a good hoodie and ASSC delivers. I've wanted one since their Kkoch (flower in Korean)  hoodies. I like to keep an eye on the releases to see if I can spot anything I like and I was going to get one of the bT21 releases but I missed the opening. As much as I would love a hoodie I struggle to figure out what time the website opens for business. Hopefully, soon I can figure it out and live out my comfy hoodie dreams. They do stock more than just hoodies but I don't have a use for a branded lighter or surfboard.
ASSC kkoch hoodie

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