10 things I want to do before 20

August 06, 2019

I am officially on the cusp of adulthood, having recently turned 19. And I was sat thinking about all the things I have done in the year, only to realise other than starting uni and moving away from home for studies, I hadn't done much.

So this year I am making a bucket list of sorts, filled with all the things I aim to do before July 2020.

1. Go on a friends holiday.

I have seen tonnes of my old classmates spending weeks away abroad together and I have always wanted to go on a trip like that with my friends, and I'm hoping next summer me and my mates will be able to go together. as I feel its a sort of rite of passage, being able to go on a big holiday without your family, exploring another country with your friends.

2. Travel across the UK to visit my mates at their unis. 

I should have done this last year but I had a pretty strict regime of going home every other weekend at my parent's request. This year I am planning on getting a job and using my free weekends to see my friends, so they don't forget about how cool I am.

3. Go to a festival. 

This seems like a quintessential part of being a teen / young adult. and having more strict parents, going away for a weekend of music and unrestricted activities was never on the table, even if I had friends going. But there are many kinds of festivals, and I plan on going to one or many. I would love to make my way to something like Glastonbury to see a range of different and amazing artists I may not be able to see in a dedicated concert.

4. Dye my hair. 

Ever since I started watching youtube at 11, I have wanted to dye my hair an assortment of bright colours. Every summer I brought up the topic with my mum and every summer I was told not to be silly. I was always confused as to why during summer my friends got to dye their hair (even if it was just the ends) and I was told no. But now I am almost 20 I will take matters into my own hands as it is my hair. Granted I won't dye it bright pink just yet as I don't like attracting attention to myself, but maybe a dye it a plum shade over my natural colour so it would have a tint in the light.

5. Do pottery. 

As a creative person, I have the drive to try new art mediums. I love creating items, whether that be a cute dress made from scratch or a blanket knitted over the course of weeks. So pottery is the next medium for me. My goal is to make a cute little dining set, a mug, plate and bowl. I have always found the art of moulding clay so fascinating and beautiful and I just want to try it.

6. Buy a luxury item. 

This year is my saving year. I have never had the money to go into a luxury store and just buy something, window shopping is the only kind of shopping I did in House of Fraser or the new Michael Kors shop in my city centre. But this year I want to save for a timeless item from Chanel or Dior or Louis Vuitton. my ideal would be to get a pair of Louboutins for very special occasions since I don't wear heels on the regular anyway.

7. Start a magazine. 

This is going to happen anyway, but I have always had an interest in having a little publication of my own and this year I will put it into action.

8. Find love. 

Perhaps have a tragically beautiful love story of a relationship. I've always had a crush going but I never pursued anything, but this year I want to let myself experience life, and relationships are a part of it I am yet to dip my toe into. 

9. Go to a concert. 

Last year I had wanted to see BTS but I couldn't afford a ticket and family matters meant I couldn't go even if I could afford it. But next time I will go, I am willing it into existence.

10. Learn a new language. 

Last year I attempted with Korean but I feel like I should start with something a little closer to home like Spanish or Italian. Either way, I will be redownloading Duolingo.

Honourable mentions:

Getting piercings. I have never had my ears pierced, mainly because my mum was never inclined to get them done for me when I was younger and I'm not a fan of having needles in me. and I know its a temporary pain for a life of cute earrings, but maybe next year.

Getting a tattoo. this has been something I have wanted to do for a while but I am a sissy and don't like needles and I think before I get to this I need to establish an agreement with my parents as I know they are very judgemental of tattoos and I'm a bit of a people pleaser and don't want to upset them.

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  1. It's always great to have goals and I think these are easily doable! Tattoos in my opinion aren't that bad and are SO worth it for the finished result. Festivals are really fun but I'd definitely only book one and see how much you enjoy it before booking more as I think they're either something you love or hate. I LOVED them as a teenager but now I'm 23 I couldn't imagine anything worse haha!
    Alice Xx


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