My first box swap

July 03, 2019

On a lazy May day, I was wondering what I could do to interact with other bloggers and I decided to try out a box swap, just to see how it was.

I put out the feelers and got another blogger to do a swap with me and I was excited to get to know them and get them some products they would like. 

During the shipping process with the blogger, things did seem to go wrong. mainly the items coming a week later than they had said they would come, which may be due to her busier schedule than mine and one of the candles being broken - which I understand can happen in shipping.

As for the items, we had decided on a spending limit of £20 each. With my box, I went all out and spent the whole £20 on items ranging from fluffy socks to quality leather notebook.

I received a pack of Haribo starmix, two candles, one broken which I understand was a shipping accident. The candles do smell lovely though.

There was some tester products, which included an almost empty perfume one and unwrapped lip products. Socks and a money jar, hair stuff that I might give to someone who's hair is more suited and a nail polish.

Overall I am happy with some of the products and i would be happy to do another swap, but this one did leave me a little disappointed. As I'd had high hopes seeing some of the box swaps my other blogger friends had participated in.

To see what I sent the other blogger check out Mummy Overload who is a lovely mummy blogger.

To inquire a box swap with me, email!

~Terry xx

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