How to fix a broken highlighter - A Pictorial

June 09, 2019
The date is Saturday 1st of June 2019. I'm in a hurry to get dressed and ready to leave for my brothers' football tournament and as I'm turning away from my vanity desk I hear a thud. Down the side of my desk is one of my highlighters, luckily still closed, but smashed.

Being a beauty lover I had seen others fix eyeshadows and I thought I'd use that method to fix my broken highlighter.

Tools needed:
Something to break up the chunks
Rubbing alcohol
Kitchen roll
Broken powder item

I started by using a pair of compasses to break up the larger chunks of my highlighter, taking extra care to keep all the bits inside the perimeter of the container.

This is the size I decided to stop since I was losing a ton of product because some of it was really fine. This should be a good size for when it comes to mixing later.

Since the rubbing alcohol I had came in a big bottle I transferred it an old hyaluronic acid spray bottle I had. 

Next, I attempted to spray the alcohol on the smaller chunks but decided it may be better to drip some of the alcohol onto the broken product.

I decided to use my compasses to mix the product since it was coated in product and I didn't want to lose anything more. I soon realised I had used too much alcohol as some bits were wetter than others.

After I realised I'd used too much alcohol I left this mess of a product to dry out a bit for 10 minutes.

Next, I took some kitchen roll. I underestimated how much I needed but luckily I had many sheets to my disposal.

Fold the kitchen roll and press on the wet mixture. Since it's alcohol binding the product it dries pretty quick and the liquid pulls out well.

I pressed the product a few more times, cleaning up the edges of the product and smoothing out the texture of the product.

Finishing up I swatched the product to make sure it still worked okay and I was happy with the results!

Hopefully, this will help someone out if they suffer a similar tragedy. Although, I think it may be easier to follow a video. Anyway, thanks for reading!

~ Terry xx

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