Is OPI worth the hype? Nail Lacquer review

May 06, 2019

As a child I was obsessed with painting my nails, like routinely painting them once in the morning, picking off the polish as the day went on and then painting them again when I got home from school. Luckily I have grown out of that but I still have an appreciation for nail polish. Essie and OPI being brands 12-year-old me could only dream of owning. 18-year-old me does on the other hand.

I recently went into a sallys hair and beauty supplies store and was greeted with a glorious OPI collection that I know younger me would've loved to have seen. So for nostalgias sake I picked up a polish from their new Tokyo collection. Which had a range of different colours with two different finishes, glossy and shimmery.

I got the shade Chopstix and Stones, which is this gorgeous navy blue with a shimmer to the colour, although you can't really see the shimmer too much as it looks shiny, unless you are looking really closely. This caught my eye instantly as I have always had a soft spot for shimmery navy colours since I got my first polish from H&M which was a shimmery navy.

The application is good but it is a little bit transluscent with only one coat, so I suggest two coats for to get the maximum colour payoff. Wearing the shade for a few days (with base and top coat too) I found that it chipped off quite soon, which I wasn't expecting from a £13 nail polish. But what can I say, nail polish is nail polish in the end. Using my hadns a lot to wash dishes and what not I should have expected it.

All in all, the shade is lovely but it's just like any other nail polish and I am sure you could find cheaper alternatives, or you could finesse a shade similar to Chopstix and Stones with a navy polish and a blue shimmer top coat.

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