Vintage over High-street. Why shopping charity changed my outlook on shopping

April 24, 2019

Hi, my name is Terry and I am a recovering high-street addict.

Around December 2018 I fell into a rabbit hole. Video after video on YouTube about how fast fashion is not sustainable and how the production of the clothes in high-street shops uses a large amount of water, only to have those clothes discarded when the next fashion trend comes into play. The National Geographic has calculated it takes 2,700 litres of water to make one t-shirt. Now imagine how much water it takes to make jeans or a dress. Being aware of the amount of water and electricity that goes into making mass amounts of clothing for high street shops is concerning to me.

So, I embarked on a mission to stop myself from putting my money to use in shops that harm the environment and I started looking into shopping in charity shops and vintage stores.

Prior to, this I did the majority of my clothes shopping in stores like New Look and H&M because that’s where my friends shopped and as I got older and got a larger shopping budget I’d venture into Top Shop and House of Fraser for some staple pieces. But all those clothes only really lasted a year or so before I got bored of them or grew out of them, by my mis-washing of them. There are a few bits and pieces that I still own but most of those clothes have been donated to someone who needed them more than I did.

Venturing away from the high-street and stepping into charity shops in order to pick up items of clothing has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

I’ve always just walked past them on my way to my usual clothes stores but one day I decided to take a look inside one on my way home and I was surprised to see a few pieces that could be worn in a really fashion forward way, even if they are a little old. I managed to pick up a whole outfit for just over £10 where in one of my usual shops that would just cover a top. I was happy about the cost effectiveness of buying from a charity shop but also happy to hear the money I paid would be put to a good cause too.

To sum this little story of my fast fashion recovery, I believe that shopping in charity shops may be a little difficult as you never know what they have in stock, so if you were looking for something specific you may be looking for a little while, but, they also sometimes have gems, items that just call to you as a staple item for a lower price than you would ever find them elsewhere. In my opinion, shopping in charity and vintage stores is much more rewarding than visiting big brand stores in the shopping centres.


  1. I love charity shopping too babe!

    Slow and sustainable fashion is so much better for the environment than fast fashion.

    Love your blog :)

    - Katie xo | https//

  2. I have found a few good things in charity shops! Thank you for sharing your post.

  3. I love charity shops, not just for clothes but for everything else, there's so many interesting things that can be found in them. I really need to try going to them again, I've not been to one in so long. My sister used to go all the time and find named brand things for bargain prices, it's amazing the deals that can be found.

    Davis |


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