Milton Keynes Primark store opening

April 21, 2019

The date is Tuesday 16thApril 2019. My alarm rings loud at 7:15 am and I am out of bed, taking my time having some breakfast and getting pretty to leave the house and head into town. Why? You may be asking.


So that I could get to the Centre MK Primark store opening. I wanted to beat the queue, or at least get there before it got too long, and I am happy I left when I did as I was outside the store at 9:30 and not too far down in the queue. As time went on, I looked around and behind me and I couldn’t see the end of the line.

I am happy with the way staff worked hard, even before the store was opened, as they came around talking to us and handing out sweets for our efforts. Standing in that queue you could feel a buzz of excitement as everyone was in high spirits, excited to see how the new store would look.

Managers and higher ups circling the queue with cameras filming everything to inevitably end up on Primark’s Instagram. Professional photographers were also present but getting the pre-opening shots of the store before we could empty the racks.

As the time neared to the opening moment, one of the managers they assured that the queue would move quite quickly once the store is open as the store is large enough to fit everybody in at once.


As the time came for the store to open the queue moved quickly into the new shop. As we were ushered into the store, we were greeted by a pathway made by store workers handing out balloons and baskets, and those with nothing to hand out were clapping for every customer walking in. Dotted among the staff there were camera men, taking pictures and videos.


Looking around the first thing I noticed was the DJ, I have a feeling he won’t be here every day but it was a nice touch for the opening, the store was three floors if you count the ground and it had a large selection of everything that they have on offer. Because it was a generally bigger lot the shop has a spacious feel as the racks and stands could be a bit more spaced out, lots of moving room.

The instore design is more like a warehouse type theme, with exposed metal holdings where the lights peek through and lots of neon lighting around the store, which I found very cool. 

Wondering around I was greeted by girls in a different uniform offering me lash and brow treatments all in store, I didn’t have time to try it, but it seems like a good offer.

I found that the store being much bigger than the Primark we had previously it also felt easier to get around as you could clearly see what each section had, in part due to glowing signs mounted above each section.

I liked the store layout a lot, it really reminded me of the Westfield oxford store, although we had a floor dedicated to menswear instead of having men’s and children’s and home together like in smaller stores.

All in all, I had a wonderful experience at the store opening, and I am planning on going to more. If you are around Milton Keynes, I suggest visiting the store in the Centre MK where BHS used to be.

Here's a video of the experience and a little haul at the end!

~ Terry xx


  1. Thanks for sharing it .It sounds interesting. I have never been to a store opening.

  2. The new Primarks that are popping up sound so cool! I like how it’s developing into more than just a store with the make up treatments and the Disney café in the Birmingham one.


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