Safety at night in Cheltenham

February 04, 2019
Drink spiking and targeted attacks are concerning students and their parents have when it comes to nights out these days. 

The case of CJ Halls’ murder being fresh on the public’s mind as well as the rise in drink spiking, safety when going out with friends is a high priority, as CJ Hall was attacked whilst he was out at the Frog and Fiddle.

These more targeted attacks are rare, but with the case being recent, it has put the idea of targeted attacks in the public mind. If you feel unsafe walking around at night, stay alert and if it comes to it, call the police.

The increase in drink spiking has led to students being more aware of what goes on when they do go out as it seems like everyone knows someone who has experienced drink spiking on a night out.

Following the rise in night crimes, more officers have been spotted roaming the town after dark in order to prevent more crimes like the Hall attack.

In terms of inside safety, there are preventative measures that can be taken to avoid drink spiking, a few are listed below.

1)   Buy your own drinks.
2)   Make sure you can see your drink being prepared.
3)   Don’t accept drinks that you haven’t seen being opened or mixed, especially if it’s from someone you don’t know.
4)   Don’t leave your drink alone, e.g. don’t put it down unattended. 
5)   Cover your drink with your hand as you travel past people.
6)   If you’re suspicious of your drink being spiked, go to a member of staff and report it.

Advice on staying safe on a night out would be to always go out in a group and try to stay in that group, and if that’s not possible, let people know where you’re going if you are going away from your friends. 

In Cheltenham specifically there has been a rise in the amount of Cheltenham Guardians, volunteer officers, has been seen, especially in areas leading towards the nightclubs, to make sure students have a safe journey to and from the clubs. 

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