Is Boots Corner dividing the town of Cheltenham?

February 04, 2019

The town of Cheltenham seems divided on the future of Boots Corner many people say the Boots Corner restricted closure is the worst thing to happen to Cheltenham town centre, but Vision 21 say it’s the best.

The sustainable transport charity has started a petition, which currently has 29 signatures, to fully close Boots Corner. It claims since the restriction that ‘the town feels much safer’ and there’s a lot less air pollution in the area.

Currently, Boots Corner is restricted for people to drive through and serves as a bus and taxi lane but it hasn’t stopped some individuals from still driving on that road. With one observed case of fifty cars going through the corner within fifty minutes.

Residents who do want the road closed have voiced on social media that the closure wouldn't work unless it was closed for everyone including buses and taxis as people still take liberty and go through Boots Corner and risk the fine for a simpler route currently with just restrictions.

Not everyone agrees with the Vision 21 and its supporters, as people are worried that a full closure of Boots Corner will lead to more driving mishaps as people still drive through Boots Corner or get confused and go through turns the wrong way to avoid Boots Corner. 

Boots corner traffic has been diverted through Rodney road, a pedestrianised area further up the High Street, which has led to safety concerns for cyclists in that area as they cannot cycle on the road when there’s moderate traffic and pedestrians also find it growingly unsafe to walk in the area as the corner leading into the road makes it hard for them to see when a car is coming until its turned onto the road.

The Facebook page ‘Cheltenham Residents Against Boots Corner’ has created a survey on whether residents of the town think the closure is good for the town or not. Results are down below.

So far the poll has been voted on by 792 people and results are showing residents want the road open.

What do you think about the closure?

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