January 02, 2019

Hi everyone!

I was watching a youtuber I have loved for years' (Emma Blackery) new video about her blog, so I decided to check out how someone accustomed to the internet does blogging and I noticed these little widgets across her home page. Bloglovin'. I was curious and followed the link, to find a world filled with bloggers of all sizes and I thought this could be the perfect oppurtunity for me to get amongst the blogging ranks. So I signed up.

Having signed up I foun out that the platform allows you to promote your posts by linking your blog, follow other bloggers, share posts exclusively on the platform, you can even check your analytics via the app. Making it the perfect little platform, and it even gives you advice to grow your site.

Having joined the app I recommend you join it too if you blog, as it's quite a helpful tool as well as quite a nice site too.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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