University - Moving and Making Friends

November 16, 2018

As daunting as it may seem, moving cities or countries, the first thing you should do ~ after have a little cry ~ is meet your halls mates. Making friends is essential and its easy, because most likely they'll be in a similar situation as you. It's easier to make friends if you put yourself out there and seem more approachable.

So here's my top three tips that I think are useful when it comes to making friends, as these are what have worked for me.

Tip #1: Try and get along with your halls mates. They may seem a little weird but remember that they too have moved away from home and imagine how you would feel if your flat got close without you? Keep that in mind when you start getting to know the people in your halls.

Tip #2: Keep your door open. For the first few days, keep your door propped open so that your floor mates know that you're open to conversation. It may feel awkward but someone will pop their head around and say hi to you. Use that as an opportunity to get to know the people you'll be living with for a year.

Tip #3: Take advantage of freshers week and the activities they have set up, whether thats a pub quiz at the local student bar or a raging night out on the town, use those events to make friends or just meet new people who could be potential friends.

So in conclusion, take advantage of the time you have in the beginning week or two to get talking to as many people as possible, because who knows who is going to become your lifelong best friend(s).

 ~ Terry xx

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