Pixi Skintreats Rose Tonic Review

November 09, 2018

Recently I have fallen into a skincare hole and decided to spend a little to save my skin from all the makeup I try. I was in the local boots with my friend to pick up a face mask for a girly night in and she picked up a Pixi bottle, she told me that since using the toner she had felt that it was worth every penny. So I decided to give it a try. 

The tonic usually sold at £18 but luckily for me they had done the 250ml bottle for £11 for the day. Knowing the original price I felt that my friend must have meant it when she said it was worth every penny. Her skin looked amazing too. There are miniture bottles available, £10 for 100ml, but when I had gone in store they had sold out of the small Rose Tonic bottles.

Having bought it, I quickly swapped out my Simple toner and replaced it with the Pixi Rose Tonic in my routine. 

It's been three weeks since I bought the toner, using it twice a day, every day and I have only just gotten to the top of the label. So it is quite long lasting. My skin feels a lot clearer and soothed since having started using it in my routine. 

All in all, I recommend this product, it may be on the pricey side but it lasts and it really helps with your skin.

- Terry xx

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  1. I've heard a lot of people mention Pixi but never really looked into it or tried it. So can it be used to get rid of acne then? Does it do anything for rosacea?

    Davis | www.everythingstartswithtea.co.uk


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