NYX - Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder

October 08, 2018

Recently I made a purchase of the NYX duo chromatic illuminating powder, in simpler words, highlighter. I saw swatches of the 4 colours on cult beauty and I just had to test them out for myself. So the next day I made my way to the local boots and gave them a swatch. Oh my God was I impressed, so impressed that I had to share them with you.

I got the shades Snow Rose and Lavender Steel. Both beautiful shades, both in the pinky range which was what I was looking for. As a girl of darker skin I was bored of only having golds and bronzes to highlight with and I was glad to find these.

Lets start with Snow Rose:

In the pan it looks white, so I was worried when swatching, but when I put finger to my hand I was blown away. You can sort of see the pinky reflections in the white pan and they really shine through on my skin. The best thing is that the colours are super blend-able and buildable. So I can have a slight tinge or a pink streak if I really wanted as shown in my swatch.

Next I got Lavender Steel:

Before I had wanted to get the red-y/ orange-y highlighter in the shade Synthetica but it was too light for me, made more for tan but not too dark skin from the swatch I took. So I swatched the other colours and fell in love with Lavender Steel. The purple hue made me fall in love, as I tend to wear purple eyeshadows and my glasses are purple so I thought this would really pull my looks together. And IT HAS! I love this shade so much.

All in all, these highlighters are much better than I had expected, proving to me that the cost doesn't mean a product is better or worse than another. I highly recommend trying these out, at £9 ($11) they have quality to rival Laura Geller which sells at a hefty £21.

- Terry xx

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