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September 21, 2018

Basics ~ freshers refers to the first week of university, although if you were searching for this then you'd already know. During freshers the university tends to hold events for their new students, whether thats a big party every night or free food and bus travel, they try to make it as enjoyable as possible for you.

However there are some things to look out for. Having just finished my freshers in have some top tips and some advice to give. So buckle your seatbelts and listen up.

Advice point 1: Stay healthy, don't go out every night cos everyone else is, take a day or two to recuperate. Make sure to take your vitamins and eat a green thing at least once. I know this because I didn't take any health items or have my vitamins and I immediately caught the dreaded freshers flu. Also drink plenty of water.

Advice point 2: Don't fear the flu. Freshers flu refers to a nasty cold you get once you get to halls. It's basically your immune system having to deal with all the germs from all the people around you who have come from all corners of the country, or even other countries.

Advice point 3: Make friends. You're all in similar situations, living away from home with new people in an unfamiliar area, so tap into your sympathy and talk to your halls mates, talk to your classmates, sit with them on the bus or walk together. A good tip is to keep your door open when you know there's others in, that way they know that you're open and ready to interact.

My personal experience with freshers:

Being first years we are the freshers. Being freshers brings us the freshers fortnight, and with that brings hoards of teens drinking everyday. Although I had seen this in movies I hadn't expected how bad it would be. I'm a funny one, I don't drink, so this has been fun for me to watch from the sidelines. My halls mates playing drinking games and me with my fanta to the side watching them suffer from their own drinks.

Freshers has also given us all a chance to get to know eachother. Within our first week I felt like I had really grown to like the people I'll be living with for the year. Even though they can be loud when drinking before going out. Since I'm not really a party person I tend to stay in and watch netflix and after the initial move in weekend I've been joined in my staying in since with our timetable its not really a good idea to go out every night.

Funnily enough I was the first to catch freshers flu. My halls mates are all fine but I ~ the one who stays in and doesn't drink ~ was the first one to catch it and suffer like no mans business. That was a bundle of fun. And if I'm being honest I'm still a little throaty rip.

During freshers I've made friends, in class and out of it. I've learned how to play pool. I figured out a bus route home ~just in case it's needed. All in all I think this is going to be a good year.

- Terry xx

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