My Bullet Journal Journey - Supplies!

September 14, 2018
Hey, this time I will be telling you of the supplies I have ordered and wish to order soon.

Lets start with what I've managed to get so far. First of all the journal, after having watched so many people recommend it I have chosen to get the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted journal, I found this on amazon in a variety of different colours, I wanted yellow as I couldn't find it in stores, so it would be more unique to me. Plus with yellow you can't really miss it, so no worry of losing my journal. Next I have Zebra mildliners, 3 sets of 5, this will give me 15 pens going from brights to pastels. I have seen these are a staple of bullet journalers pencil cases, so I wanted to get them too. Next is pencils, I already had these at home but I wanted to get a few more Staedtler pencils. As for other things, those are on my wishlist as they would've taken to long to get to me ~ I'm moving house and by the time they'd get to me my address wouldn't be my address~ so it would've been pointless to get them.

So here's whats on that wish list. First of all, Pigma micron fineliners. I have seen these a lot on art channels but I see some bullet journalers using them because they don't bleed or go through the paper. So I feel these would be a valuable asset to have in my pencil case. You can get multipacks of these in various nib sizes so that was also appealing to me. Next is the Tombow brush pens, these come in 3 different types. Hard tip, soft tip and brush nib, all three good for calligraphy.  I wanted to get the two pack of soft and hard nib because I've heard that they're easier for beginners to use as they're not as long as the brush tip. However, the brush pen has a brush tip and a fineliner side and comes in a multitude of different colours. As for the basics I still needed a ruler and erasers, so I was looking at the metal Rulers, as they are more hardwaring then just plastic ones and theres less chance of them breaking. Youtuber Conan Gray once recommended getting Mono erasers because they were soooo good, so I had a little look and found them on amazon. I also wanted to get the pastel set of Zebra sarasa pens, I just love the colours in this set and would happily write out pages in pastel pink gel pens.

So these are the tools that will aid me in my journey, I can't wait to put them to action!

Thank you ~

~ Terry xx

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