Results Day - What that meant for me

August 20, 2018
On Thursday 16th August I recieved a letter with three letters written on it that would decide my life forever. Given that this year they introduced new exams or changed the way you had to answer these exmas I was very happy with the three letters I saw.

But what does that mean for me in the future?

For me it means that I can go to the university I wanted. It means that I have passable grades for whatever I do after uni. However I was trying to see if I could get any of my papers remarked but only one of my results shows me my mark equivalent, so I can't see how far or close to the grade boundaries I was. So I have to wait for the school to get in touch with me to say I could get my paper remarked.

On the day I knew I wouldn't get bad grades because I really applied myself but I know if I had done the exam a year ago my grades would've been much better because the exams were made to be harder this year. And because of this my thoughts go out to the kids doing GCSE's because to make the jump from GCSE's to A Levels smoother, they have to make GCSE's harder too.

All I can say is what is done is done, what is done cannot be undone (-Macbeth).

Thank you for reading

- Terry xx

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