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August 13, 2018

An Insight Into Me

These days it's British summertime so apart from work and the occasional day trip I needed to fill my time with something. So I took on some hobbies. This is a little post about what those hobbies are.

For Relaxation

When it comes to hobbies, I have a few that are purely to help me relax after a long day of work or just when I'm bored. One of these is this blog, I like to write out what I'm thinking about on this blog when it relates to products or ideas. My idea's tend to start out in this little notebook before growing into a post for you to read.

Another thing I like to do is bullet journaling and making cute and practical doodles. If you've seen my previous post you will know I'm thinking about taking my little journaling ideas and expanding on my creativity with a bullet journal. I think this will help me organise myself whilst giving me a chance to doodle and colour in for a few minutes a day to chill out. For bullet journaling I will exchange my little Moleskine ruled notebook for a Leuchtturm 1917, the go to dotted notebook for bullet journals.

For Fun

For fun I enjoy doing hands on things that I can get really into. My main hobby for this is soaping. I researched and learned soaping etiquette in order to make cold process soaps. This hobby is also an investment, but it's very fun and satisfying to see my final products.

(One of my creations)
I find this hobby so fun because it's like a time trial, because of how cold process works you have to be quick when the soap starts thickening up, meaning I have to make cool designs within like 2 minutes. I also love figuring out how creators like Royalty Soaps make their designs and trying them out myself. This hobby also takes some trial and error but when I have it down, I am happy.

** Sidenote ** Might be selling some of my soaps. An esty shop may be opened soon where you can get to try my soaps for yourself.

I also knit for fun, yes kniting, that thing stereotypically for grandmas. I enjoy the feeling of the wool and watching how it weaves into fabrics. For the most part I've been slowly knitting the same scarf for over a year because I take it upon myself to knit when I'm stressed (which is not often) so there are big gaps in when I knit.

Lastly, I read a lot, for relaxation and fun. Books just have the power to take you to another world and bide your time without much effort on your part. I have been in love with reading since I was around 8 years old, reading my first no picture thick wordy book (if that makes sense) which happened to be a Judy Moody book. But after that first big book I was on a search for more, and I'm happy to say I'm still on the hunt for more books that challenge me. Not that Judy Moody was all that challenging.

So there are my hobbies. I hope you've enjoyed reading and please, visit again.

- Terry xx

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  1. I can't wait to see what soaps you make! Such a brilliant post lovely 💛💛


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