My Bullet Journal Journey - The Beginning!

August 06, 2018


Bullet Journaling

Hi there my Terryfic friendies, today imma let you into my life a little. I am, a stationary addict! There, I said it, and here's why I did...

Ever since I was a wee little girl I loved buying pencils and colouring pens and all sorts of stationary items and that has never left me. These days I buy more practical stationary as my only time to use it is for school, and since I have quite practical stationary I had to make do with kinda bland notes. Doing some research into more intriguing pens and whatnot I fell into the hole that is Bullet Journaling, BuJo for short. 

Now I am to embark in a journey to create the cutest Bullet Journal out there whilst using the pens that I buy for it for making my Uni notes look super cute. 

Phase 1:

Research. Research. Research.

First I looked through pinterest for BuJo inspo pictures that people had uploaded and checked out some blogs that also bullet journal, and I complied a mood board of images of things I want to take elements from to make my own style.

Next I looked for the most popular notebooks for journaling, having a criteria of minimal ghosting -> seeing a faded mark of what you've written or drawn through the paper, minimal bleeding -> the ink going through the page, and page smoothness. Other criteria was whether or not the journal had an index, the page type -> dotted, squared, lines, plain, becuase I was looking for a dotted notebook. I also looked for colour variation and book size. 

In the end I have chosen to invest in a Leuchtturm 1917 and to match my aesthetic I have chosen the yellow A5 dotted notebook. I chose the Leuchtturm because of its colour options having a large range of colour to match anyones preference, it had nice indexed dotted pages and it is the notebook I have seen most featured BuJo blogs. 

Next thing I looked into was pens! I looked for markers, highlighters, fineliners, brush pens. All sorts of pens. Again I went to BuJo blogs and youtube channels and from those sources I have a collection waiting for me to press 'Proceed to Checkout' on amazon. A large amount of that basket is filled with marvellous Japanese stationary that I had never heard of but fell in love with because they have cute packaging and practical concepts. For example, the Propus Window highlighter, having a window in the nib so you don't have to pause when highlighting, risking the overlap mark you get when continuing to highlight.

A bonus I looked into was washi tape and stickers, purely for decoration. I was intrigued by the Van Gogh washi tapes that are all over amazon and etsy. I also like the metallic and pastel ones.

My research will continue and I will continue to keep you posted.

- Terry xx

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