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July 16, 2018

Moving out, Moving in.

Due to the distance my chosen university is, I have to take a big step on my own. Moving out, well, sorta, moving out during term time. Growing up I've had experience away from home, usually a week at the time, and I've been fine with that, but now, it's going to be like a month at a time. Obviously I'll return during weekends (for work purposes) but other than that and holidays, I'll be on my own. Due to my past long trips I know I'll be ok but it's hard giving up your comfy bed at home where you had your best dreams, probably even the dream that helped you choose what you want to do with your future. Now, it's time to exchange those for a new, cold unlived in room, well, unlived in by you.

Moving area's on my own has led me to think about how I'm going to survive and budget, from my job I make enough for groceries and books/ school supplies, but thats all. I know that part of the uni experience is basiaclly being broke for 3 years of your life, but having my parents being generous enough to provide for me, this will be a whole new experience for me, and I'm looking forward to it, but dreading it too. As a way to maybe help fund my university experience, I had an idea, why not make some sort of product to sell, but then thinking it through I don't think it would be feasible.

What I'm Taking:
Thinking about what I would take with me to university, I wanted to take everything. But I wouldn't have space. So heres what I have decided to take:
My giant Winnie the Pooh teddy, a reminder of home, although finding space for it will be hard.
Clothes, duh.
A selection of my book collection, to make my room feel homely.
A few photographs of family, old friends, things that make me happy.
A reed diffuser, as we are not allowed candles etc. to make my room smell extra nice, I will get a large diffuser.
Bathroom items, towels, toothbrush holder etc.

As it will be my first time moving without my family telling me how to decorate everything will give me the challenge of decorating and making my room look and stay tidy.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you can relate if you are going to university too.

- Terry xx

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