My Palette Collection

July 11, 2018

My Eyeshadow Palette Collection

This is my little post showing you guys my palette collection.. I'm not trying to brag just showing you what eyeshadow I use on a daily basis and whether or not I think having a large collection is worth having. So now, instead of rambling on with the intro, lets just jump into my palette collection!

1) Sleek, Silent Disco 

I initially purchased this £4 palette for a drama project, needing the red and the now finished yellow colour in a stage makeup look. Once the final performance was finished I used the palette to experiment with the bright colours, the electric blue and metallic purple took my eye and looked amazing on my skin. The mattes in this palette were pretty powdery and looked a bit ashy on me but with a primer they did look a bit more pigmented. 

2) Zoeva, Cocoa Blend 

This palette was an impulse buy. I had some money and just wanted to buy a new palette. And Voíla, Cocoa blend was chosen. I chose this one because it had neutral colours, which I didn't have in my Sleek palette. When I finally got my hands on it (as I had ordered it from beauty bay) I was so happy with the quality of the shadows, having only paid £18,  and then I fell in love with it. It was a while before I purchased my next palette. This palette has a good selection of mattes and shimmers, and a shimmery matte.

3) Maybelline, The Burgandy Bar

As you can see on of the shadows has fallen out ~ RIP~ but the quality is pretty good on these shadows too, the palette being only £11. The colours in this palette range from purple to gold, so there is a good selection of colours. However the shimmer to matte ratio is a bit bad, only having two mattes.

4) Revolution, Flawless 4 

 Another impulse buy ~ I need to stop~ but this one was only £8 and had some colours which I thought were similar to the heat palette, so I wanted it. I know that this range is most likely supposed to be a dupe for the 32 pan Morphe palettes. The quality of this palette was workable, not the best, not the worst, but it's to be expected as each pan is worth 25 pence to come to a total of £8. I got the colours that I wanted at decent price. This palette was mostly mattes and there were 3 random textured metallics which are really hard to use.

5) Urban Decay, Naked Heat

MY BABY! From the moment all the youtube guru's started talking about this release, I wanted it. No second thoughts about it. And I got it, a year later than I would've wanted but, better late than never! The colours in this palette are all so pigmented with or without a primer and they look so beautiful on me and my friends who also own this palette. The colours are so blendable and look good no wonder how you compose them. This is my first and favourite Naked palette, and may probably be my only Naked palette.

6) Nyx, Love You So Mochi

Would'ya'believe'it... another impulse buy! I saw the 'electric' palette which is a bright colour version of the palette and wanted to get it in store, however, it wasn't in store and I had already travelled to get it so I got the next best thing.. the neutral colour palette. I still love it because it's really fun to play with. 

So that's been my palette collection! Now what?

Well, I want to say a word about owning many palettes. I only own six and I use all six on an almost daily basis, so I know I'm getting my moneys worth. If I had, let's say, 20 different palettes, I would inevitably forget about some and not use others, plus there's bound to be colour dupes, so whats even the point? If I want a specific colour, I would rather get a single than a full palette to use one colour. Also, my student budget wouldn't allow for 20 palettes where half or more are unused.

Thanks for reading,

- Terry xx

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