How To Be Boujee On A Budget

July 02, 2018

These days being boujee is an art form, an art form that costs a lot. So, I'm going to divulge some info on how to look fly on a budget.

As a student, I have had time to master my budgeting skills and deal-finding to get all the items necessary to look boujee, and right now... right here, I will tell you what I have done to get that high-end look on a drugstore budget.
  •   ☆.。.:*  Look For Dupes  .。.:*☆
In England, there is a brand called Makeup Revolution which has colour story dupes of high-end eyeshadow palettes, most notably the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette (and other palettes from the line and other brands). The colours aren't always full dupes but they are close enough to fool anyone familiar with the colour scheme but not the colours themselves.
These palettes have good pigmentation and are less than £10, so very affordable and good quality.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette vs Makeup Revolution I Heart Eye Shadow Palette in I Heart Chocolate swatches side by side
( )
Dupes are a lifesaver, so look out for dupes in the meantime until you can afford to splash out on the originals knowing that it won't cost you too much.

  • ☆.。.:* Styling .。.:*☆
The clothes you wear aren't too important, what's important is how you style them!
Why splurge for a £340 Gucci t-shirt when you can get a whole new wardrobe for that price of good quality high street brands.

Yes, I get that it's better to have one high-quality item than 100 low quality, but you can find good branded items for much lower like LEVI'S have a logo top for just £20. You just gotta be thrifty about what brands your stunting.

Image result for gucci tshirt
( thefourohfive, gucci vintage logo tee )

Image result for levis t shirt
Asos Levi's batwing logo )

When styling your clothes you should follow the trends. If vintage is the trend, raid your parents closet or visit a local charity shop or thrift shop, in my area, you can get a whole vintage look for around £10 by visiting different charity shops and really digging through clothes. Follow the trends until you reach a money point where you can start them.

  • ☆.。.:* Samples .。.:*☆
Image result for makeup samples
Image result for samples perfume
Free samples and product minis are a budget boujee gals lifesaver. Samples give you the opportunity to try out high-end makeup or fragrances, allowing you to tell everyone that you're wearing the latest high-end scents and makeup. You can get free samples by going to shops and just asking, most if not all shops will happily give you some samples. If you find something that you really love then you can go back and invest in the full product after trying out the samples. 

So these are a few of my top tips about being boujee on a budget, hope this helps some of you.

- Terry xx

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