NYX Love You So Mochi Review

June 24, 2018


Nyx released two palettes, the electric - a bright colourful set of ten shades and the sleek and chic palette which has ten peachy shades. They boast that both sets have 'bouncy' and 'silky-to-the-touch' shadows. After playing around with them I can confirm that they are indeed silky and bouncy and super soft when touched. Due to the formula they are very soft and you get the smoothest application when using your fingers as some of the shades don't pick up well with a brush due to their softness and the glitter in them.

As hinted to by the name, these shadows are modelled after the Japanese dessert, Mochi, which is a marshmallow like treat. The Mochi-ness of the shadows comes from their softness, they are almost putty-like in texture and are super maluable, any pressure applied leads to a nice dent in the shadow, making them super fun to play with. This also gives the formula a creamy feel as they aren't as dry feeling as other pressed powder eyeshadows.

Each palette has ten shades, the palette I could get my hands on was the Sleek and Chic palette. This palette features peach toned shadows. It hosts one matte shade, the white colour, three glitters, the purple, black and champagne and the last six shades are smooth shimmer shades.

My personal favourite shades in the palette ~just from swatching ~ are the duo chrome pinky peach shimmer and the purple shade. These shades work well with my skin tone and they fit my preferences well. 

I would love to hear what colours you love, and I hope you found this useful is you don't already have the palette.

- Terry xx

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  1. Lovely colours in the palette. I'd love to use more cream based palettes as I feel they offer some great pigmentation, but I've just never got on well with them. The texture bothers me as it always feels as though my eyes are being clogged up by the palette. I guess it doesn't help that I often have quite a greasy complexion to begin with. Great review though and cute palette!

    Davis | www.everythingstartswithtea.co.uk


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