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June 22, 2018

As a girl of colour I found it discouraging going foundation shopping with my friends, who all being white managed to easily find their shades in any shop they entered. For me I had to visit the higher end shops in order to find a larger shade range, as drugstore shops didn't quite reach my tone. However, these days finding my shade is much easier with L'oreal and Maybelline coming out with more diveresed lines and Makeup Revolution coming out with a £4 set of concealers and following up with affordable foundations with shades that surpass my shade. 
A few Foundations I have tested and loved are as above, MAC Studio Fix, Matchmaster, URBAN DECAY All nighter, Naked Skin, LANCOME Teint Idole and MAKEUP REVOLUTION Revolution Pro Foundation Drops.

**DISCLAIMER** I have a few sample sizes as a part of my collection because as a student I'm on a limited budget and it would be too expensive to get the full bottles everytime I want to try out a foundation.

Mac - Studio Fix and Matchmaster

Mac Cosmetics has a special place in my heart as the Studio Fix Liquid SPF foundation and the Studio Fix powder were my first venture into foundation that was matched to my skin. I tend to use NW40 for my main bottle of Studio Fix but for the Matchmaster samples I have, I was told that as long as the shade is close to your tone it will adjust to your skin as you wear it. After trying the foundations I find that they last all day and the Matchmaster gives you a more natural look as it adjusts to your skin and the Studio Fix is more of a fuller coverage and I love this for days when I know I'm going to get my picture taken or have to be within a group of people for a while as makeup makes me feel more confident.

My shade - NW40

Urban Decay - All Nighter and Naked Skin

Left - Naked Skin, Right - All Nighter

Prior to having myself shade tested for both foundations I had only tried the Naked Skin Concealer - which I loved - and I was extremely impressed by the finish and staying power of both foundations, which were tested on each sides of my face and finished off with the Kristen Leanne Beauty Beam highlighter Warm Golden Pearl. Granted, when being tested the lady at the Urban Decay counter finished my look with the All Nighter setting spray, which I found greatly enhanced my makeup. I am obsessed with the All Nighter foundation as it is full coverage but doesn't feel heavy or make my skin feel tired when I wear it. I will definitely be buying the full bottle when my next payday comes around.

My shade in both foundations is 12.0

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear

When I was roaming around my local John Lewis I saw the Lancome stand and having heard raving reviews from my favourite youtubers such as Tati and Patricia Bright, I just had to try their foundation. The stall in my local John Lewis stocked the Teint Idole foundation and I was more than happy to get my shade tested and grab up a sample. With the initial shade testing I felt like I'd just died and went to foundation heaven. The foundation felt AMAZING on and it made me look flawless. No exaggeration. The sample size I received was 5ml, and I intend to use it to the fullest. When I have some more spare cash I will be buying the full bottle.

My shade - 13

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops

When Revolution released their foundation drops I was excited to try it out but when I went to the multiple superdrugs (UK drugstore) and found all the shades sold out for the first few weeks. My Mac Studio Fix was running out and I decided instead of replacing it with another bottle I went searching for the Revolution foundation, and I found it. Now having this foundation I felt a great joy as a darker girl, in being able to go to the drugstore and find my shade amongst others for less than £10. The foundation itself is a bit redder than desired but with blending it matches almost as well as my Mac -which had been tested against my skin before buying. This foundation is very full coverage so I tend to mix it with a face cream to thin it out and give me a more natural look when I wear it out.

My (estimated) shade - F16

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops

Thank you for reading, I'd love to hear about your favourites and maybe try them out too.

- Terry xx

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